A hate hangover is what you get after hours of listening to hateful testimony in republicans latest efforts to demonize transgender children. But can you call it testimony when the people speaking don’t actually know anyone who is transgender? The word “testimony” sounds too official for the terrible things these people say. They are just imagining that the world will end when transgender children are treated with dignity and have the same rights as any child. When people are spewing hateful, untrue things like I heard at the Texas State Capitol on July 12th, I think we should just call it word vomit.

July 12th was a long day. It was even harder because Texas Senate Democrats boycotted the hearing. I’m glad they did, but it was hard not having a friendly face on the committee. And it was hard to listen to hateful testimony without anyone to question those who were invited by republicans to testify a.k.a. “invited witnesses.” As I sat through hours of testimony, the words coming from the mouths of fellow Texans made me queasy. It was nauseating to listen to all the transphobic terms they used while discussing transgender women. They constantly misgendered trans women. They consider being transgender a trend. They will not accept that transgender people are just people trying to live their lives.

Senator Perry, who sponsored this particular bill and many other anti-LGBTQ+ bills during the regular session, was extremely cringe-worthy. He said that without bills such as his, “women’s sports will be eliminated.” Umm, no. And news flash: transgender women are women. He also said, “you will surely see full teams of transgenders replacing the women’s sports teams.” So he also used dehumanizing language by referring to transgender KIDS as “transgenders”. It’s an adjective, not a noun. He made this statement after pointing out that transgender people are a small minority. Of course, at the time, he was arguing that there shouldn’t be any accommodations made for such a small minority. He isn’t an educator and obvioulsy doesn’t realize that accommodations are made for kids in public schools ALL the time. And if you think there is a separation between church and state, think again. At the end of his introduction of these hateful bills, Senator Perry added “it’s just another challenge of the creator with his creation”.

After all the testimony, the anti-trans sports bill ended up passing the Texas Senate. However, it still hasn’t moved forward because the Texas House of Representatives doesn’t have enough representatives present for a quorum. Dems are in Washington D.C. trying to preserve our right to vote. Thank you democrats!

It’s been two weeks since we testified. I have finally recovered from the experience. It’s just really hard to hear all the callous hatefulness, and it takes time to detox. Being at a hearing always reminds me of how much work we have to do. It is important work and it takes a village. I have met soo many fabulous advocates, activists, and allies while testifying. And now that I have recovered from my hate hangover, I will start preparing for the next round of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation. Will another special session be called after dems return to the state? Probably, but I’ll be ready.

Listen to the July 12th testimony at the Texas House of Representatives Broadcast Archives.

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