The second special session in Texas ended last week. It ended without even one anti-trans bill making it through. I was sure that at least 1 out of the 60+ would get passed. Power in numbers, right? Overwhelm us with the number of bills to oppose, and at some point, we will wear out, tune out, and quit showing up. But that didn’t happen. We showed up time and time again. We will enjoy this small victory even though we know that they will come after trans kids again. And also knowing that education, reproductive rights, and voting rights all took a big hit this week.

I’ve had my calendar marked for September 1st for months now. That was the date we knew any anti-trans legislation would take effect. That’s the day we might have been reported as child abusers. That’s the day we would have had to decide if we were willing to break the law to get our children the medical care they need. Thankfully that day passed without forcing us to make any life-altering decisions.

But I have been altered by this legislative session. I have heard soo much hateful testimony. I have seen what these people who hate my children look like. For the most part, they look like normal grandmas and grandpas- until they open their mouths and say horrible things. And that frightens me because it has made me realize that I won’t always be able to protect my children from extremists. Unless they are holding a confederate flag or wearing a hateful slogan on a t-shirt, they don’t stand out. They look like regular people, but anyone who puts in the effort required to attend committee hearings at the capitol during a pandemic is very invested in a specific outcome. I know because I love my children and am very invested in doing all I can to protect them, and I show up as often as possible.

Thankfully, none of these hateful bills became law- this time. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t break the law -except for the speed limit. This legislative session I have had to admit to myself that if I had to break the law to protect my children, I would do it. What does that say about Texas? What does that say about our nation?

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