By Charlie Apple

This senate session has in depth discussions of Transphobia, suicide, violence, and many other sensitive themes. While I recommend going through the whole session, these are the highlighted testimonies of this hearing. If you would like more information on approaching anti trans legislation I recommend checking in on Equality Texas and TENT. Both are Texas based advocacy groups that are working around the clock to fight this type of legislation. 

If I have missed any trigger warnings or you have any testimonies you think should be added to this list you can contact me at (apples.orchard) on instagram. My Dms are always open to questions. Remember you are loved and worthy of dignity and respect. No matter what the Texas legislators say, it will get better. 

What is SB29? SB29 is a bill that would require Trans student athletes to compete on the team that corresponds with their Sex assigned at birth. It also defines “Birth Sex” as the sex entered immediatly after a child is born- effectively making any gender marker changes no longer legally recognized. You can read the bill in full here.

Never be afraid to reach out for help. This legislative session has been particularly harmful to Trans and LGBT folk. If you need to reach out here are some helpful resources:

LGBT National Help Center Online Peer-Support Chat

LGBT National Help Center Hotline: 888-843-4564, Available Monday-Friday 1pm-9pm PST/ 4pm-12am EST, Saturday 9am-2pm PST/12pm-5pm EST

LGBT National Help Center Youth Talkline: 800-246-7743, Available Monday-Friday 1pm-9pm PST/ 4pm-12am EST, Saturday 9am-2pm PST/12pm-5pm EST

Trans Lifeline: 877-565-8860, Available 7am-1am PST/ 9am- 3am CST/10am-4am EST

Click here for the senate committee hearing of SB29

5:02:52- (Tw- Talk of mental health struggles and implied suicidal ideation) This is my own testimony. I speak on my experiences being a transgender athlete and the positive it has had on my life.

5:19:20- A representative Speaking on behalf of Dell technologies. Saying on behalf of the Texas Business Coalition, that businesses will pull out of Texas if this is passed. Texas will be a less appealing option for any businesses not already present. 

5:34:17- Jo Ivester, an author, civil rights advocate, and Equality Texas board member speaks on her experiences raising her trans son and how sports affected the person he has grown into today. 

5:45:10- (Tw- Mentions of suicide, bullying, and violence) Holt Lackey, the chair of Equality Texas, talks about the bill violating Title IX. Mentions Bostock and President Biden’s Day 1 Executive Order. Says the bill sends a message, and that message is cruelty.

5:48:11- (Tw- Mentions of self harm) Rev. Remington Johnson speaks on her experiences as a trans woman athlete and the effects of estrogen on her body after years of competitive weightlifting. (Highly recommend)

5:56:29- Rev. Leslie Jackson preaches to the senators to oppose SB29 and to protect trans children by respecting their privacy and liberty. (Highly recommend)

6:02:30-  Steven Miranda, a board member of the Houston Political Caucus, speaking about his exhaustion of having to testify every time a new bit of anti-trans legislation is put forward. Proceeding to set the facts straight on this matter.

6:04:49- Ashley Langlinais speaks as a cis woman and basketball coach- talks about the real inequities in girls’ and women’s sports

6:07:51 – (Tw- Discussion of suicide) Ash Hall speaks on the positive effects on mental health sports has and how that is especially crucial for trans youth. 

6:19:05 – (Tw- Discussions of suicide, violence, and bullying) Ivy Lea with the PTA says they asked for bills against cyber bullying, not to have legislators bully trans kids. She added that it’s never too late to make better choices. (Highly recommend)

6:28:21 – (Tw- Mentions of sexual assault, violence, and mentions of suicide) Cody Miller Pike, representing Doctors for Change to testify against SB 29, has way too many medical credentials to list in a tweet. They speak about this bill ignoring intersex children, as well as speaks about Olympic athlete Caster Semenya and that she quit running because of the invasive nature of treatments she was directed to undergo.  (Highly recommend)

6:44:38 – Beto O’Rourke says he has learned a lot listening to testimony today, but he was struck the most by the patience and generosity shown by parents of trans kids sharing stories of their families with the committee. Said he believes no one authoring or supporting this bill wants to hurt kids, but now that they know it will, he asks them to vote against it.

7:31:28-  Steve Rudner, EQTX board member and attorney, says “the world did not end as some of you predicted” when trans women used women’s restrooms, and it won’t end with trans kids playing sports. 

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