Are you needing a new perspective? Would you like to hear an LGBTQ+ person talk about their experiences? You will find links to great podcasts, Youtube channels, and anything else we can find listed below.

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard is a British lesbian who loves vintage fashion. She is an amazingly talented LGBTQ+ advocate and deaf and disabled activist. Her videos cover everything from expecting a baby with her wife, Claudia, to queer history. Her videos are uplifting and more addicting than Netflix. Find her on YouTube at Jessica Kellgren-Fozard, Instagram @JessicaOutOfTheCloset, Facebook Jessica Kellgren-Fozard, & Twitter @JessicaOOTC.

Summer Luk is a transgender woman living in Australia. She is an artist, singer, and activist. She creates a lot of TikTok videos about the struggles of growing up in an unaccepting family. She also shares her struggles with transphobia in a very positive and uplifting way. Find Summer on TikTok at summerluk, YouTube at Summer Luk, and Instagram @summerluk.

Jeffrey Marsh is a nonbinary LGBTQ+ activist and author of How To Be You. Jeffrey is 40+ years old and often talks about being an older trans and nonbinary person. Their message is that you can be fully yourself and have a good career and a good life. Find Jeffrey on YouTube at Jeffrey Marsh, Instagram @thejeffreymarsh, Twitter @thejeffreymarsh, and Facebook Jeffrey Marsh.

Image from @jammi.dodger

Jamie Raines is a trans guy from the U.K. He has amazing videos about his transitioning experiences. He started filming his transition at the age of 17. Years later he is still sharing his life experiences. Find him on YouTube at Jammidodger, Instagram jammi.dodger, Twitch shaabaandjamie, & Twitter @jammi_dodger94.

Rilen Taylor is trans-masculine and gender fluid. Rilen lives in NYC and has documented his gender identity journey since 2015. Rilen also candidly explores mental health issues, trans issues, and being a musician and actor. He is raw and honest and wonderful to listen to. Find Rilen on YouTube at TheRilenFiles.