Facebook can be a good way to connect with like-minded people. There is a Facebook Group for everyone. I am a member of both Mama Bears and Mama Dragons. These are both private Facebook groups for the parents of LGBTQ+ children. We share our experiences and get support and advice in these online forums. Sometimes these groups are like a warm hug. To become a member of any of these private Facebook groups, you must honestly answer their questions and wait for an admin to approve you. Everything shared within the group must remain private. Listed below are some Facebook Groups that center LGBTQ+ people. I am not a member of these groups, so I cannot fully evaluate them. However, Laverne Cox posted about them on Instagram, and I trust her judgment.

Trans Woman Support Network– This is a private Facebook Group and a safe space for all transgender women and allies.

Black Educated Lesbians– This is a private Facebook Group and a community of black educated lesbians sharing and discussing their life experiences.

LGBT Outdoors– An open Facebook Group that focuses on connecting the LGBTQ+ community to the outdoors. LGBTQ+ people post pictures of themselves outdoors. The pictures are from all over the world and they are amazing!

Non-Binary Gender Pride– A private Facebook Group for those who are non-binary. The group focuses on gender exploration, gender identity, acceptance, and intersectionality.

Non-Binary Social Space– A private Facebook Group celebrating non-binary people. The group focuses on gender related memes, selfies, makeup ideas, fashion, hair, queer entertainment, queer media, and name and pronoun affirmations.

Qweerty Gamers– A private Facebook Group and nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that champions the inclusion and visibility of LGBTQ Gamers. The Facebook Group focuses on discussions about video games, tabletop games, and LGBTQ rights. They also have a website at https://qweertygamers.org and they are on Twitter Instagram YouTube Discord & Twitch.