Getting haircuts is just part of life. It’s something we all do- every month or every couple of weeks. As a kid, I loved getting haircuts because it was an opportunity to be creative with my appearance. Now all I want is a good cut that will allow me to run a brush through my hair and call it a day. A trip to get my hair cut was not anxiety producing. I didn’t have to worry that the stylist would misgender me or misgender my haircut. However, after my son transitioned, it proved challenging to get him the cut he wanted. We had been going to the same salon for years, and we asked repeatedly for a boy-style cut. The results? A pixie cut- every time. My son ended up outing himself to the stylist. He still got a pixie cut. We started going to barber shops, but that wasn’t a comfortable experience either. After some trial and error, we found a fabulous hairstylist. Not only is she amazing with scissors and an electric razor, but she is totally accepting. We adore her, and my transgender son finally has the haircut he always wanted. 

 Strands For Trans is working to create more trans-friendly barbershops and hair salons. Hairstylists can let others know their shop is a safe space by placing a #StrandsForTrans pink, white, and blue sticker in their window. The sticker is free. All the shop owner has to do is register their business on the Strands For Trans website. Then the location of their barbershop or hair salon will show up on a map of trans-friendly barbershops and salons. A downloadable pink, white, and blue barber pole is available to use as a profile picture. According to Strands For Trans, “The barber pole is an iconic symbol for barbershops everywhere. Now, it can be a symbol for change. Inspired by the trans flag, the new design is a signal to trans people that they can feel safe, comfortable and welcome in your chairs.” Strands For Trans is a great resource. Please share it with your friends and invite your favorite stylist to register. Happy PRIDE peeps!

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