Download this Gay-Straight Alliance flyer for free! Just print it out and write in the details. Available with a pink, yellow, or turquoise background. Take your pick. With all these colors, everyone will take notice! One of these flyers got ripped down at our local high school. The hater posted a Snapchat of himself pulling down the flyer. You know how they say there is no such thing as bad publicity? Well, they are right! Word quickly spread about the new G.S.A. on campus!!! Seventy kids showed up for the first meeting. It was awesome! Need more information about a Gay-Straight Alliance? Check out our informational page, Start a Gay-Straight Alliance.

There are four different versions of the flyer to choose from here- just scroll through. If you would like to see different wording, please drop me an email at Also, please scroll down to the bottom of this webpage and subscribe to our newsletter so you will never miss out on awesome freebies like this one. And check out the Rainbow Advice Pride Shop for some unique finds!

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