Being the affirming parent of a transgender child is terrifying these days. We are not okay. Parents and their trans kids are under attack. I keep moving back and forth between anger and desperation. I get angry every time I listen to the horrible transphobic things some legislators and their “witnesses” say during a legislative hearing. I get angry every time legislators talk about being Christian and how morally wrong we are as affirming parents. I feel desperate every time I have to testify and every time I have to make a call to a legislators office to ask/beg them to vote no on a bill. When making calls, I can usually hold it together. Even though I end up talking to staffers who I presume disagree with me, they are typically polite. However, today I made a call to one of the co-sponsors of the bill and the man who took my message was very rude and verbally aggressive. I cried afterward. I cried while calling the rest of the legislative offices on my list. I apologized for crying while trying to explain the reason for crying and the reason I was calling. Why do I have to beg for mercy and grace? Why do I have to reveal such personal details of our family life? I’m tired of telling legislators why these anti-trans bills are bad. Isn’t it OBVIOUS they are bad? Isn’t taking away a person’s freedoms bad? I thought the Constitution answered that one for us. After my 15 minutes spent calling legislators, I would like to bury my head in the sand. But can I? No, I have to keep the pressure on these legislators. Why? Because ultimately, it is making a difference. There is a chance that none of these horribly transphobic bills will pass in Texas. And it’s almost PRIDE month. It’s the least I can do…..

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